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For 5 decades, Quality Books has been dedicated to being the premier supplier of small press titles and special interest non-print resources to the library community. We carry titles from 1500 small independent presses and are committed to bringing the voice of the vibrant small press community to a larger audience through libraries.

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Publisher logoSuperCollege is your advocate, empowering you to get into, pay for and succeed in college and beyond. You can read them online or in print. As an independent publisher they are your most devoted, fanatical and loyal supporter. Their ultimate goal is very simple: to give you the knowledge and skills you need to make your dream of a higher education a reality. Take a look at their titles currently offered by Quality Books, Inc.
Publisher logoWorking with acclaimed authors and consultants, QEB Publishing is going from strength to strength. Its mission is simple – to create fresh, informative, high-quality books that will appeal to children, parents and teachers alike. Ever since QEB’s inception, each book has been specifically designed to make learning exciting, stimulating and fun for children. Our diverse range of titles covers everything from entertaining, innovative facts for the classroom to beautifully illustrated fiction that kids will want to take home. Get inspired and get learning – the fun starts here!
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